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BrainLinx (BLX) harnessed the digital era of B2B event consultancy across the globe. BLX doyen to initiate & embraces industrial innovations by producing well stirred business events like

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Brainlinx coined new concepts in Corporate Event Industry by hosting successful sequels to numerous events with proven turn out of leading brands & institutional investors from respective sectors of industry.

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1. How can Intellectual Property Strategies help brand in terms of creating a differentiated brand identity? When people think of Intellectual Property and branding they almost always think about this in terms of trade marks and, to some extent copyright. However, brands are so much more than registrable assets. An organisation's brand needs to impart an existence, to which that existence is attributed a value, in the hearts and minds of the public. By including the protection of Intellectual Property Rights as part of your differentiated brand strategy, you enable the protection of many aspects of your brand campaign by securing exclusive rights with respect to such things as your product name, logo, slogans, designs, unique look and feel, and even in some cases, sound smell and / or taste. Intellectual Property protection should be part of an organisation's overall and ongoing branding and broader identity, product protection and marketing strategy. For example, trade mark registrations can allow an organisation to protect its brand from the encroachment or passing off on well-established good will by third party even before the organisation starts using mark in the foreign jurisdiction. This enables organisations to plan and prepare well in advance to position themselves with the intended audience in the target market.......

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