The understated harmful consequence of counterfeits

Most consumers and brand owners are aware of the economic, reputation and safety harms associated with the counterfeit good trades, however, there is another equally serious result of this illicit activity.

On World Environment Day (5th June), here are three significant negative impacts that the counterfeit industry is having on our world.

1. In Manufacture

With no regard for environmental regulations, those that manufacture counterfeit goods are having a devastating effect on the environment. Many active substances used in the manufacture of illegal goods, such as dyes, are untested for environmental safety and contain highly toxic impurities which cause harmful air pollution when burned.

2. In Use

Another environmental threat of untested and toxic ingredients is when counterfeit goods are used but do not conform to safety norms. For example, the rising use of counterfeit pesticides and fertilizers increases the risk of environmental contamination, which subsequently has a negative result on natural habitats for indigenous species, flora, crops, etc, as well as a health risk for consumers.

3. In Disposal

The growing amount of seized counterfeit goods unfortunately means their disposal creates a complicated, costly and wasteful dilemma. Just like the previous two points above, the destruction of fake goods in an environmentally friendly way is made difficult due to the use of harmful chemicals and unknown components.

Disposal also raises the question of whose responsibility it is to get rid of such illegal items. Whilst of course it should not be the IP Rightsholders, it does highlight just how widespread and complicated the battle against counterfeit goods really is.

Yellow Brand Protection help brands to solve their counterfeit problem in the fight against counterfeits by searching, identifying and eliminating the fakes online with our leading technology and expert analysts. If you would like to know how, contact us today at your nearest office.

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